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Upgrading Cloud-based EDC


Dear users of the E-Dinar Coin cloud mining!

Since June 23, 2017, the conditions for the E-DinarCoin mining have been updated.
In the process of mining the cryptocurrency, the maturing period of coins equal to 30 calendar days was introduced. In this regard, the rules for using the cloud-based E-DinarCoin option on will be changed.

According to clause 3 (reference) of the rules of E-DinarCoin cloud mining  - the percentage of daily mining will be credited to the EDR on the transit account of the user "Maturing Coins" at the established time of the mining charge in the E-Dinar Coin system with freezing within 30 calendar days. At the end of the 30-day period, the coins are transferred to the user's main account and are available for withdrawal to the main balance of your account at the Exchange.

Technical implementation and testing of relevant changes on the exchange will take about 1 week time. In this regard, before the introduction of the necessary changes on the exchange, all users of the service will receive mining according to the rules effective before the specified update made by E-DinarCoin.
The administration made a decision - before the modernization is put into force, all users of the "Cloud Mining EDC" option receive daily mining at the expense of the available volumes of EDC at the exchange.

We wish everyone productive mining and profitable trades with

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