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LocalTrade.Pro: Trading with ATB Coin Cryptocurrency Starts


We are pleased to announce that ATB Coin has been included in the listing of LocalTrade.Pro, in which the ICO successfully ended on September 1, 2017. At the time of the crowdsale completion, the ATB Coin project was supported by nearly 9,000 participants, collecting more than 17,000,000 ATB tokens.

Currently, our developers have already completed the connection of ATB Coin to the exchange and the trading of this asset is available under the ticker ATB. Our users have an opportunity to carry out trades in pairs ATB / BTC and ATB / USD, which you can see in the list of trading instruments on our main page.

The decision to add ATB Coin was made by us after a detailed study of technical information and preliminary testing of the coin, as well as in connection with the growing interest in this digital currency during the ICO and possible prospects for the exchange users.

We would like to remind users that recently, new currency pairs have been added to our exchange: BTC / ZAR , BTC / IDR and the national currency of Indonesia has been resumed.

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