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Secret cryptopassions


Over time, more and more people are beginning to be interested in cryptocurrency. The scale of this phenomenon is so great that even famous people turn out to be involved. We collected the last statements of such people about crypto-currencies  in this article.

For example, the head of the companies SpaceX and Tesla Inc Ilon Mask complained of the dominance of scambotes on Ethereum. He wrote about this on his Twitter in response to complaints from users on crypto-crooks

This statement was immediately reacted by the creator of the cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin.

"I do wish @elonmusk's first tweet about ethereum was about the tech rather than the twitter scambots........," he complained.

Also, it was recently discovered that one of the founders of Google's corporation, Sergey Brin, is engaged in the extraction of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, which he told during the annual blockchain summit on the private island of billionaire Richard Branson. As noted, in the last minutes of the summit, Sergey Brin shared with the audience that together with his 10-year-old son, he got carried away with the extraction of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

The former Brazilian footballer Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, better known as Ronaldinho, plans to launch his own Ronaldinho Soccer Coin or RSC crypto-currency token on the NEO squadron. This is reported on the project website.

Let's hope that more and more famous people will popularize the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrency. This could be the beginning of a global popularization of the cryptocurrency, and consequently an increase in the number of people and investors who trust the blockchain.Well, we will continue to follow and write: stay with us!

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