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There are almost 20 different trading pairs which are listed on our stock exchange. They all participate in transactions. We decided to combine the 5 most popular pairs in a kind of rating.

1.BTC / USD. There is no comments on this one. It is the largest cryptocurrency pair which traditionally occupies the 1st place. It is the same on any other trading platform.
2.LTC / USD. LTC is the younger brother of Bitcoin, which only recently entered the crypto stage, but already has got a capitalization of USD 4.5 billion and many fans.
3.DASH / USD is another cryptocurrency pair, which among its main advantages highlights the high speed and security of transactions. They are confirmed by the processing power of more than 1,000 Gigahash X11 ASIC-miners and a network of more than 4,100 servers.
4.ETH / USD. The creator of ETH cryptocurrency, Vitalik Buterin in the past year flashed in the news almost more often than all the creators of other altcoins tokens together. The result is the 4th place.
5.LTC / BTC. About these cryptocurrencies there already have been enough written above. This trading pair only confirms the words of many experts that the world reserve currency is gradually losing its hegemony in financial transactions.

Also, we want to remind you that we are constantly working on adding new trading pairs. Now we are trying to launch trading pairs with the newest and liquidest cryptocurrencies, which have the largest sales volumes and which attract the most successful traders from all over the world. They will allow you to expand your investment portfolio and receive additional income.
Wait for news about new cryptocurrencies in our news line!

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