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Rules Service Policy Rules
About the company is a trading platform with high compliance standards, the service is created and managed by LLP.

We allow our users to purchase, sell and trade in accordance with the specified pairs on the website, implying the supply of professional tools for traders and the possibility of the general exchange for other users. We strive to be the most transparent and modern trading platform and pay special attention to the relationships with our users.

Service Users.

In order to become a user of the service, it is necessary to register and set up an account. After verification of the submitted data, the user will be able to replenish the balance of the account with the help of crypto and fiat currencies, as well as the opportunity to trade and exchange.

The service administration has the right to limit the possibility to perform operations for a particular user in case of an attempt on the part of the user to use his account in order to harm the uninterrupted operation of the Service, and in the event of a systematic violation of the Service rules, completely block the user's account without the right to restore it.

Deposit and withdrawal of fiat and cryptocurrencies using the Service.

Participants can deposit and withdraw funds on the My Finance page. To do this, simply press "DEPOSIT FUNDS" or "WITHDRAW FUNDS" in the selected currency. Follow the system tips to complete the process. You can also check the balance of your account and the transaction history for each currency on this page.

Types of exchange directions

The Service provides for the exchange of currencies specified in the user account interface. The composition of the currencies can be changed and supplemented depending on the supply and demand, according to the decision taken by the Service administration.

Order of setting, cancellation, modification and closing of orders in the Service

In the system, the principle of all transactions is to register a user's order for the exchange transaction, with the appropriate equivalence of currencies and cryptocurrencies set by users.

All transactions are carried out exclusively on the basis of orders placed by the participants. The participant has the right to cancel the orders placed by him, but only until it is fully closed.

The order means the instruction of the participant submitted to the Service and containing its firm intention to effect the exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat monetary units, with the mandatory indication of the direction and volume of the order.

The Order can be in the queue until either it is canceled by the participant, its initiator, or fully executed according to its terms.

To create a new order, on the Trading tab in the Buy or Sell form enter the number of units, set your price and click the CALCULATE button. Then, check the amount in the Total field, and also pay attention to the Service commission that is put into each transaction (+ 1% of a number of units purchased). To place an Order, click the BUY / SELL button below the forms.

Cancellation of an Order is possible only until its full execution. If the Order has already been paid off partially, then only the remaining part can be canceled. The cancellation of the Order or its outstanding part is made by the user, by making an appropriate order in the manner provided by this Service, as a result of which the cancellation amount is returned to the balance of the user's account.

The order of exchange operations in the Service is the publication of registered participants' orders, after which the Orders become available for all users of the Service in accordance with certain sections of traded pairs and subsections "purchase" and "sale".

When analyzing the Orders, all users of the Service assess their conditions and make an independent decision to participate in the exchange operation.

To conclude a transaction for the selected Offer, the participant must register a counter order, following automatic system prompts and under conditions that coincide with the selected order. The exchange deal will be initiated automatically at the moment of confirmation by the participant of the counter order submitted to him, the amount of the offer Order will be reduced by the amount of the counter order, and if the amounts coincide, the offered Order will be closed, deleted from the active section, while remaining in the Orders History section.

If any conditions of the details are not observed according to the order - both the offer and the counter order - the exchange transaction will not be concluded, and the participant who created the counter order will be notified of it.

In the absence of counter orders, the offer order remains in the queue until its full execution. The placement of the offer order among other offer orders corresponds to the price to the unit of title signs. The most favorable offer orders are placed higher in relation to less profitable.

The service responsibility to third parties

Money, crypto units used by the user to make exchange transactions within the framework of this service are implied as belonging to the user. In other cases of using money and crypto units belonging to third parties and belonging to them, the users of service bear the exclusive responsibility to third parties for these funds. The service does not assume liability to third parties for the user's actions towards them, and can not be a party to the proceedings possible in connection with these obligations.

The service does not provide third parties with information about user transactions. service does not accept and does not comply with the requirements of third parties aimed at preventing the user from executing exchange transactions or otherwise restricting his rights with respect to the Service, except when the third party is the payment system.

Rules of user behavior when using the service and the features of creating and using accounts

The user can be blocked by the decision of the administration of the service without explaining the reason and paying the available funds on the balance sheet after submitting the payment details to the technical support department (except for established facts when the funds were received fraudulently (fraud, hacking, theft)).

It is forbidden to register an account in order to transfer funds held in its balance to third parties. If this fact is revealed, the user's account will be blocked.

Security measures when changing personal data.

To prevent fraud, for the purpose of verification, the funds on the participant's balance can be frozen for a period lasting from 24 to 72 hours.

If the email or password is changed, the system can be used to block the withdrawal of funds held in the balance for up to 72 hours for the purpose of verification.

Using the service of internal communication of participants (chat).

The chat is created for communication of participants of service and demands the observance of the listed rules summary. Participants convicted of violating the above rules will be prevented from using the internal chat (banned) without explaining the reasons.

It is not allowed to incite interethnic discord, propaganda of forceful pressure in any form, insulting the personal faith of the participants.

The chat does not allow flooding - the publication of personal messages that do not relate to the subject matter of the resource, making communication, mutual assistance and information exchange among other participants difficult.

In the chat, we do not accept publication of information on political topics.

In a chat room, it is not acceptable to use profanity, insult other chat participants, and use offensive language about the moderators of the chat and its administration.

It is forbidden to publish harmful links, transfers to other online projects, as well as other marketing and advertising links.

It is strictly forbidden to conclude exchange transactions outside the trading platform using the chat. The revealed facts of violations entail the blocking of the user's account without the possibility of its restoration and any appeal.

The service administration is not responsible for users who, in violation of the rules, sell or exchange via chat.

Referral program

The administration of the service is grateful for your recommendations in advance and as a bonus, we are ready to grant 20% of the commissions for each of your personally invited partners' accounts on the balance of your account.

Bonuses will be accrued from each transaction of purchase and sale, and in the case of partial sales under orders - from each transaction as a part of the order of your partners. Accrual of partner bonuses takes place directly on the day of completion of the purchase and sale transactions.

Your referral link for partner invitations can be found here.

Localtrade Code

Localtrade Code is created to transfer title units among the users of this Service. All risks associated with the exchange of Localtrade Code with third parties are borne by the creator personally.

In case of loss of the code, the restoration of funds is not possible!

Localtrade Code has a validity period of 90 days from the moment of its creation. After 90 days, if the code is not redeemed, it becomes inactive. The inactive Localtrade Code transfer is possible only back to the account, it can only be made by its creator.

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